Plexiglas Scraper

Funny where you pick up useful tips sometimes. I was speaking to a friend one evening who has just finished building his own plane and the conversation turned to cars (naturally). When he learned that I was just about to start stripping the paint on my GT6 (now totally restored by a new owner), he suggested that I use Plexiglas to scrape off the paint after it had been softened by the paint remover. I can now report that this is, in fact, an excellent “tool” for scraping paint. I cut the Plexiglas into about 3 by 4 inch chunks. Not only were the scraps of Plexiglas free, but they are much superior to the metal scrapers I tried for comparison. The Plexiglas does not scratch the metal and removes the paint easily. If you have a contour to scrap it is easy to cut the Plexiglas to fit that as well. If you are removing paint, give it a try. I think you will find it to be very effective.

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